Today Twyla and I want to express our thanks to North Little Rock Church led by Pastor Rod Loy. Pastor Rod and Pastor Randy Jumper have been incredible to us.

Our journey together began when I was serving as the Director of HealthCare Ministries. The Church raised significant funds for a project in Iraq. First Assembly was also instrumental in raising funds for the Bengali Fire Bible, which we were able to be a small part of.

Fun things: I remember the first time I attended a staff meeting at Little Rock. I had found out about the crazy awesome Christmas service the church put on and let Randy know I wanted to experience it. There was a planning session and I was invitedĀ to listen in. When I walked in the office, someone who I won’t mention by name (name rhymes with God, has three letters and first one is an R) shouted “Shoot the missionary” – and from every direction I was attacked by marshmallow guns. I knew I was in and life was good.

Rod, you are an amazing leader and have wisely used your influence for the Kingdom. For two years now I have been a reading buddy at a local school here in Springfield, Missouri (Weaver Elementary) and you were the inspiration behind that decision.

Randy, you have been a great friend and have made sure I had opportunities to share across the campus and have an amazing passion, work crazy hard and are simply ‘for real’. Thanks.

Thanks for who you are as individuals and as a Church.

We love First Assembly – Little Rock!


Bob and Twyla