We met in England while serving in the US Air Force. Bob was a lab tech and Twyla worked in the OB/GYN clinic. Bob brought her formalin and Twyla brought him cervical biopsies; a match made in heaven! We have two sons, Bobby and Josiah. Bobby died much too young (32) in 2017 and Josiah is an IT specialist who does work for individuals and organizations.

We have been married for 38 years and have spent much of that time living in Bangladesh and India. Twyla is an RN and works with mothers and newborns. Bob is president and chairman of Calcutta Mercy, an organization focused on feeding, educating, and medically assisting deserving individuals in Calcutta and North India. Most importantly, we enjoy doing life together, being with friends and helping make a difference.

Nowadays, Bob is busy completing his PhD in leadership studies, focused in the area of online social presence in higher education. Having lived 15 years in Bangladesh and 5 years in India, Southern Asia feels like home to us even though we currently live in Rogersville, Missouri. One of our favorite activities we enjoy is spending time with our Bengali friends who live nearby and doing life with them. If you have not heard the story of how Twyla and I met Tamzid in 2015, you’re missing a great story!

Calcutta Mercy

Bob serves as the President and Chairman of Calcutta Mercy. The work of Calcutta Mercy involves feeding over 10,000 6 days a week in greater Calcutta, helping educate thousands of children in Calcutta and North India and helping fund a 173 bed hospital and clinics in Calcutta.

Check out our work here: www.calcuttamercy.org

If you would like more information, contact me at bob@calcuttamercy.org

Rickshaw Journey

Bob and Twyla founded a company several years ago called Rickshaw Journey. It is an online store that sells travel related goods. The goal of Rickshaw Journey is to be a give back company that helps in the mission to feed, educate and medically assist the deserving; focused on Calcutta and North India. Our company is small but growing. Some of our best products include high quality leather purses and bags, backpacks, wallets, and fashion accessories. The focus is on anything related to travel. Last year we were honored to have one of our products featured on a

major network; Fox 5 in Washington, DC. Check it out here (our product starts at the 1:00 minute mark if you want to skip to it)https://www.fox5dc.com/video/877898

Visit our site at www.rickshawjourney.com   – if you find something you like, reach out for a discount! 

Contact me at bob@rickshawjourney.com

Guided Life Plan

A number of years ago a consultant and good friend of mind led me in a two-day process of reviewing my own life called a Life Plan. It was a crossroads moment in my life that has brought clarity to me. I was so impressed by the process that I decided to become trained as a Life Plan facilitator. Since that time, I have facilitated over 25 life plans for others and have seen similar life change results.

What is Life Plan? First it is a one-on-one process that takes two full days. There are 19 different work exercises that take an in-depth personal inventory or mapping of ones’ own life. Think of it this way. How many times have you taken a deep analysis of a work project, something you are thinking of purchasing or leasing? You get reviews, you ask friends, you make plans, you consider the item from many angles or perspectives. In business we hire consultants and experts and get them to advise us on steps forward. Yet, when it comes to our own life, it seems that we do not give it the time or consideration it deserves. Spending two days one-on-one with someone who guides you through a process of helping you to understand yourself, passions, talents, values and desires is beyond amazing.

After the life plan you will receive a 20-25 page ‘playbook’ that will have many unique tools including a tool to find your next job, understanding your thinking process, values, and many more.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me for more information at bengalibob@gmail.com