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Prayer update…

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Prayer Points 

Twyla and I are attending a Live Dead meeting here in Apple Valley, Minnesota and looking forward to our first “India specific” Live Dead launch meeting in Florida next week. 

Today in our meeting, I shared three prayer points I would like to share with you  and ask that you to join us in prayer for these needs to be met. 

Laser Focus on the goal 

This year has been a year of unique challenges. On our fist day of our Team Leader Overseer for team leaders sharing, one of our veteran personnel was put in jail. 

Several months later one of our team leaders led a ministry team into the mountains. One of the team members died an accidental death off the mountain. 

Two weeks later we moved to Dehra Dun to be close to the ‘base camp’ of our Live Dead team training center. A few weeks later our worker robbed us of many personal things (jewelry, electronics, tools, gas canisters for cooking, etc.). 

Any one of these three events could be a major distraction to what God wants us to accomplish. Yet, with God’s help, these have only become a case of ‘temporary sideways energy’. 

We are committed to keeping a laser focus on planting the church amongst UPG’s in team. 

Pray that we stay the course. 

Wellness of team leaders 

in 3 John 1:2 it says

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

In our role as Area Directors, we are privy to many of our team members personal struggles: marriage challenges, depression, discouragement, issues with children, health issues, extended family challenges, and many other life struggles.

It is the prayer of our heart for all of our team members to be well; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Please agree with us in prayer. Many times there are issues beyond our ability to share with you, but prayers for them are just as important (sometimes even more important) than our ability to share. 

Servant Leaders 

Our numbers keep growing in India, most of our team members are under 30. One of our great former leaders Phil Hogan was know to say (regarding young people in ministry) ‘That’s a lot of green wood on that fire’! 

India needs Servant leaders: young, not so young, and not young alike! 

Pray that God will help us to train the young leaders we have and that the Lord will call those we don’t have. 

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overdue update!

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Hey All!


Thanks for your patience.


Somehow, we managed to not update in FORVER and for that we are truly sorry.


We recently moved from the Delhi area to Dehradun, and we are loving it!


Like so many things in India, the transition was not easy, but it is over (thank God) and we are loving it. The views from our bedroom are breathtaking. Across the road is a bright orange simple Hindu Temple. Living so close we are developing a deeper appreciation for and understand of those who worship there.

This coming week is our leadership team meeting followed by our annual combine India and Southern Asia retreat, please be in prayer, thanks!


Bob and Twyla

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Just a quick couple of updates for our friends!


Thanks, as always for praying.

Our oldest son Bobby is planning to be with us for a few weeks, we are grateful.

We are looking at moving out of our current home in Gurgaon in May, moving to Dehra Dun. Pray for the right house and God’s wisdom. We found a place we want, if it’s the right place, please pray us in – if wrong, pray us from getting in!

Pray for our new families who continue to learn language and find their place of ministry!

Next week, Twyla and I will be celebrating our anniversary (April 9) and her Birthday (April 14th). The following week I will be taking as a ‘writing week’ hoping to ‘get in the groove’ of a regular writing discipline. We are looking forward to these next two weeks.

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